February 23, 2013



Why Sing?


Susan Amisano singing lessonsThe human voice is an incredible instrument! We can use it to express the deepest of emotions from happiness to despair. Or we sing just to have fun with friends and pass the time. However we use our voices, it affects us in very personal ways.

To some of us, singing is a “great escape”, an adventure! What fun!!! In my studio the goal is to instruct, promote and nurture the human spirit through singing. It’s said that anything worth doing is hard work and that’s true for singing – but singing well is worth all the effort we put into it.

Singing requires some courage, to be open to trying new ideas, to take a chance! In Elmira, NY there are many, many talented singers. I’m privileged to teach a number of them in my studio. We just finished our class lessons for February and I see a lot of growth in both stage-craft and technique with every class. Congratulations to my singers on great performances!!


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