For more than 10 years, Susan Amisano has sung for a variety of services, both joyous and solumn.

Weddings sung have been for many faiths, including Baptist, Jewish, Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic. Each wedding is unique and individual, as is each couple that pledges to live their lives together in love. To assist with the selection of music, Ms. Amisano offers a personal consultation, during which the couple can hear songs, marches and service music they have selected or are thinking of choosing.

Funerals are also a part of life.  Many times the right music gives peace and comfort far beyond words.  Ms. Amisano will sing  the favorite songs of the deceased, as well as music that will celebrate with deep reverence and respect the death of a loved one; and give comfort to the family.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are joyous occasions!  As a young person leads the service and chants the Torah, he or she becomes an adult in the eyes of the congregation. This is indeed a wonderful day!  Each prayer is sung with joy and conviction for this celebration.

Other occasions for which Ms. Amisano is available include programs for various groups, recitals and vocal workshops.